David FisherMy name is Dave Fisher, and I'm a Senior Lecturer and Director of Writing Curriculum and Initiatives at Emory University.

During the past three academic years (in addition to my administrative duties), I have designed and taught the following courses, many of which have been part of the Domain of One's Own program.

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

  • Eng 221RW: Writing in Disciplinary Communities
  • Eng 223: Rhetorical Grammar

Previous Semesters

While my teaching philosophy permeates this portfolio, here is a current statement of that philosophy.

You can view the sections of my portfolio by clicking on the menu items in the Navigation section on the left side of the page. Each of these items (Summary Documents, Scholarship, Teaching, Service, and Application) opens sub-menus, which in turn link to additional menus or various artifacts.

My interests include

  • Communication across the curriculum (CAC)
  • Contexts and situated learning
  • School-to-workplace (-to-school) transitions
  • Social psychology
  • Cultural-historical activity theory
  • Corpus linguistics
  • New media, database design, and interactivity
  • Documentary and training video

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